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Where Did Summer Go?

The rain has made me feel a bit fed up. A bit unsettling as I wasn’t aware of any particular effect on me regarding the weather. I am aware of S.A.D. but never thought the seasons, the weather, had an influence on my mood. I fully accept that just being fed up does not indicate S.A.D..

I reflected on how I was feeling. Becoming my own counsellor, if you like. Often what presents is not the issue. I tend to discount, generally, what people tell me the issue is. For example, I always wonder what the causes of break up is beyond the self-reported ‘always leaves the top of the toothpaste’.

After some reflection I realised the rain was a top level self-narrative label. There were other things going on underneath. They ranged, in solution attainment, from short to medium to long-term. Some I could attain myself others may need help e.g. counselling.

At least I now had an idea of where to place my energies and how to access the help I need. Needless to say, this has been and will be ongoing.

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